Yoga is a health-acting method that has been developing in India over thousands of years. It allows you to promote and foster good overall mind and body health. Yoga training aims at the physical well-being of the person as well as the spiritual growth that enables a person to find the way to a balanced and peaceful living. The word "yoga" in Sanskrit language means unity in oneself. Relaxation practises, meditation and physical performance of asanas help a person to learn to perceive things in themselves, which in the best case can positively affect persons relationships, health and creativity throughout the life.

Key aim of the yoga exercises is to learn to be released from the hectic pace of everyday life, and achieve inner peace. There are many ways to engage in yoga, but the key elements in all the yoga exercises are always the body, mind, and breath combined. Yoga as a form of physical activity has the utmost health benefits, and it aims to focus on the human being as a whole. Practising different asanas you will cain more mobility, muscle strength, flexibility and balance in the body. Similarly, meditation and breathing exercises will focus on producing a serene mind and a stress-free everyday life.

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