Ritual purification - To Finns Sauna is almost a holy place. Almost every family has its own Sauna. Families and friends go to Sauna together and at the same time they exchange daily news. In Sauna there is no quarrelling, nor swearing, the Sauna is a place where people relax and are in peace. Traditionally, the habit is to take breaks while doing Sauna bathing, and go to cool off in the locker room or outdoors. In winter, during “Sauna breaks” people take dips in the ice-cold lake water, or they rotate in the snow before going back in. During the summer, it is customary to collect birch twigs and make them as a bundle. These bundles are then watered and heated by a stove inside Sauna, which softens the birch twig bundles and it gives the Sauna a relaxing aromatic scent. After the bundles are soften a person in Sauna can "hack" their body with the bundles to exfoliate the skin and to improve surface circulation.

Sauna health benefits - Home remedy- Heat improves blood circulation and to enhance the effect it is recommended to go roll in the snow or dip in the cold water. Sauna stimulates the metabolism and puts waste products into circulation. Traditionally, it is also believed that Sauna has a deterrent effect on the common cold, as the hot water thrown on the stones creates steam that improves inhalation. Sauna is also ideal for stress relief because its heat makes both body and mind more resistant. It is noted that Sauna also temporarily lowers blood pressure. Sauna bathing is safe for healthy people in all ages. Person can choose to stay in Sauna as long as it feels comfortable for oneself. Heat can be adjusted by the amount of water thrown on the stones.

Beauty treatments - Its very traditional to make beauty treatments in Sauna. After Sauna the skin is wonderfully soft, because the moisture is absorbed directly into the skin. The heat will help transfer moisture to the skin. As said, that is why variety of skin-soothing peeling and oil treatments, as well as hair masks are often made in Sauna. Full-body honey and clay treatments do wonders for dry and sensitive skin.

Sauna building - Sauna is a hot room with benches inside and its whole interior is made from wood. In the middle there is a stove. When water is thrown on the stove it turns into vapor, which fills the entire space. Heat can regulated by amount of water thrown on the stones. Sauna stove can be either electric or wood-burning. In the immediate context of the sauna are shower facilities, as well as dressing rooms for men and women.

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