River Rafting

This swashbuckling sport requires stamina, dexterity, endurance and ability to throw oneself into the adventure! In this action-packed sport a sailing team maneuvers inflatable raft down the roaring white water, with the help of paddles or oars.

Rapids are classified into six categories according to the international system (easy, fairly difficult, difficult, very difficult, particularly difficult and extremely difficult). When planning your trip, you can choose the level of difficulty of the rapids by your own level of competence. The main thing in rafting is to minimize the risks, as well as to make sure the safety of members of the sailing team. For rafting trip you need to have, in addition to unyielding fortitude and brisk attitude, a safety helmet, wetsuit, life vest and protective footwear.

This true escape from everyday life is a wonderful opportunity to awaken the inner adventurer in you, and test your skills in the sport.

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