Mountain Hiking

Guided hiking tours are a great way to get close to a local culture, lifestyle and nature. Hike in the rugged mountain scenery, and experience the amazing gorges, virgin forests and valleys carved by nature itself. You can fish in wildly flowing rivers, and admire the deepest lakes in Asia that are located in altitude of thousands of miles.

During the hike, you can also get to know the Himalayan region's unique flora and fauna. The extent of the area and elevation of the mountains have contributed to the adaptability to variable living conditions of thousands of plants and animals. The fauna differs significantly from the rest of the Indian subcontinent fauna. You have an opportunity to witness the wild yak, snow leopard, tiger, and Himalayan black bear with your own eyes.

During your hiking trips, you will meet people from all over the world, and you can create new friendships and international contacts with other fellow travelers who share the same interest and respect for nature. Sit back around a campfire after a long day of hike, admire the stars, and enjoy the tranquility of nature, local cuisine and hospitality.

In the best case hiking trip is also a journey into oneself. The closeness of nature, a break from everyday life and throwing yourself into adventure will give you a unique perspective of life, and creates a counterbalance to the hectic everyday life. You can challenge yourself and test your own physical and mental ability to perform on a hike based on your own fitness level.

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