Pokhara might be outstanding for it's amazing mountain view yet a considerable number of golfers are presently finding that in the event that you need a genuine playing golf high , The Travel Yoga in Himalaya, Pokhara is the place to set out toward in Nepal. It's an unquestionable requirement for the hitting the fairway epicurean. Considered by numerous to be one of the 10 most special greens on the planet. In the Googles look for - "The most one of a kind fairways on the planet", The Travel Yoga in Himalaya gets 3 hits on the principal page.

Enterprise golf at its most genuine, the course's incorporates the absolute most outwardly element gaps known to golf. 

Travel Yoga in Himalaya has surely been exceptionally fruitful in placing Pokhara in the golfer's guide. The course was composed and developed by an Ex British Army Sandhurst authorized officer Major Ram Gurung MBE , and opened for play in January 1998. The course has been the setting for the Nepal Surya Western (expert) Open for as far back as twelve years.
Found only seven kms. far from downtown Pokhara, Travel Yoga in Himalaya is one of just two 18 holes courses in Nepal. The course is well laid out title course at 6,100 yards yardage with a standard of 70. The Travel Yoga in Himalaya which is thought to be one of the ten most one of a kind greens on the planet, lies generally inside a clearing gorge made by the Himalayan snowed waters of the Bijayapur waterway.

Confined by the towering the Annapurna range, steers and wild ox meander unreservedly giving the vast majority of the grass cutting. The course meanders through ethereal precipice drops of many feet down to the mark island opening inside the either serene or seething Bijayapur waterway, brimming with uncovered rocks washed down over hundreds of years from the towering mountains above. Play on the first and second openings at the Travel Yoga in Himalaya Pokhara's inaugural course is genuinely direct as these standard 4's are laid out on generally level ground on every side of the clubhouse.

Your submersion to the really interesting character of this course comes when you venture up to the third tee to be defied with an impeccable scene which includes the wonderful Fishtail and Annapurna mountain go. Underneath your hoisted tee you see and hear the winding Bijayapur Himalayan stream somewhere in the range of 300 feet beneath, sheer ravine dividers dabbed with falcon's homes, waterfalls which burst into life amid the rainstorm and a scarcely recognizable banner. Somewhere in the range of 300 yards inaccessible and 90 feet beneath, this little triangular bit of texture denote the place where your ball ought to wind up after just four strokes.

There is no other experience that duplicates or even comes close to the thrill of teeing off on the 3rd. However this takes nothing away from the sensation of successfully landing your ball on the 6th green, which is known to be the only natural river island hole in the world and recently nominated by leading golf course architects as one of the most unique hole in the World. Watching the pros victoriously blasting their second shot to the par five, 6th green in the middle of Bijayapur river, leaves one in fascinated awe.

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