Ayurveda, in Sanskrit language the science of life, is more than three thousand years old traditional Indian health-sustaining therapy, which focuses on treatments for various ailments, as well as preventing them. It has been researched that today, more than two-thirds of India's population uses ayurveda as their primary healthcare method.

It is generally thought that ayurveda focuses primarily on various methods of oriental beauty treatments and personal nutrition doctrine, but ayurveda is a broader concept, however much more than expected. In addition to therapy for various forms of relaxing massage and spa treatments its purpose is to achieve a comprehensive well-being of a person, and maintenance of an healthy body.

Ayurveda’s philosophical guidance as a way of life, contains the knowledge about right kind of food as well as the upkeep of the body, which are the solutions to good and balanced life.

A key element of Ayurveda is thousands of years old oriental natural medicine, which aims to find therapies that will contribute to achieve the balance of each persons physical and spiritual state of being.

In addition to the body soothing spa and massage treatments, come explore the source of unique alternative natural medicine, healthier and nutritious diet plan that is made for your purposes, and learn how to live a balanced life with yourself and nature.

Our professional and trained staff is ready to guide you on your way to a better, more comprehensive life!

You can select the following types of treatments:

  • Sirobhyangom- head region's oil massage
  •  Dhara- herbal treatments
  •  Pichu- oilcloth treatment
  •  Thakradhara- milk herbal treatment
  •  Snehadahara- forehead trickle care
  •  Pizhichil- oil trickle care
  •  Ilakizhi- full body herbal treatment 
  •  Njavarakizhi- rice bundle treatment
  •  Udvarthanam- herbal powder treatment 
  •  Sirovasthi- oil cone treatment 
  •  Kateevasthi- oil bund treatment 
  •  Nasyam- nasal cavity treatment
  •  Nutrition guidance

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